Grief Support Resources

Every person must cope with loss of a loved on his or her own terms.

The emotional upheaval these trying times can cause is sometimes so overwhelming that even the support of friends and family may not help relieve the amount of sadness and grief you feel.

Helping Children Cope With the Loss of a Loved One:
William C. Kroen, A guide designed to help adults explain death, grieving, and commemoration to children. 

Timothy Duck:
Lynn Bennett Blackburn, A story about the death of a friend. Particularly good for children. 

A Dad's reflection on the death of a his son. 

Handling the Holidays:
Bruce H. Conley, Suggestions on coping with grief during the holiday season. Many personal stories included. 

Grieving the Death of a Friend:
Harold Smith, A book that offers soothing, compassionate words and "been there" wisdom for anyone grieving the death of a friend. 

When a Friend Dies:
Marilyn Gootman, A book for teens about grieving and healing. 

Living With Grief After Sudden Death:
Kenneth Doka, Resources and guidance for those who have lost someone to suicide, homicide, accident, heart attack and stroke. 

Beyond the Broken Lights:
Charles E. Poole, A thoughtful and inviting look at questions and the need for charity in the depths of the mystery of God.

The Class In Room 44:
Lynn Bennett Blackburn, Resources for use when a classmate passes away. 

Losing Uncle Tim:
Mary Kate Jordan, A story about a young boy whose favorite uncle dies of AIDS. Especially helpful for children. 

Death: The Final Stage of Growth:
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, A book that helps us come to terms with death as a part of human development and existence. 

Recovering From The Loss of a Sibling:
Katherine Fair Donnelly, Resources for those who have lost a sibling. 

The Bereaved Parent: 
Harriet Sarnoff Schiff, A truthful and reassuring book that speaks to all those who have lived through the experience of the death of a child.

My Son, My Son:
Iris Bolton, A guide to healing after death, loss or suicide. 

After Suicide: A Ray of Hope:
Eleanora Ross, A guide for the bereaved, the caregiver, and anyone whose life has been touched by suicide, loss and grief.

Death Etiquette for the 90's:
Johnette Hartnett, A practical handbook on how to handle, what to say and what not to say to friends who have suffered a loss.

When a Baby Dies:
Martha Jo Church, A book that validates the feelings of a bereaved parent. 

Just Us:
Wanda Henry Jenkins, A book that offers help in overcoming loss and grief due to a homicide. 

No Time for Goodbyes:
Janice Lord, A guide to coping with sorrow, anger and injustice following a tragic death. 

The Morning After Death:
L.D. Johnson, A chronical of a father's long struggle following the death of his daughter. 

Beyond Sympathy:
Janice Lord, A book of practical suggestions on what to say and do for someone suffering injury, illness or loss. 

When There Are No Words:
Charlie Walton, A book that describes that terrible moment when you desperately want to say something to console a friend.

Helping Children Cope With Grief:
Alan Wolfelt, A book designed to facilitate grief recovery groups for children. 

For Bereaved Grandparents:
Margaret Geneva, Resources to help grandparents deal with their own grief and practical suggestions to help the bereaved parents

Death in the Workplace:
Moore and Williams, A brief collection of ideas on dealing with the death of a co-worker. 

Suicide of a Child:
Adina Wrobleski, A book that explores feelings, guilt and recovery for parents whose child has died of suicide. 

Dear Parents - Letters to Bereaved Parents:
A collection of letters written by various caregivers for parents who have lost a child. 

The SIDS Survival Guide:
Horchler and Morris, Information and comfort for grieving families, friends and professionals related to SIDS deaths.

Widows Are Special:
Peabody and Mooney, Resources to help widows through their unique grief journey. 

Loss During Pregnancy or in the Newborn Period:
James Woods, This book contains practical clinical cases with commentary provided by professional caregivers. 

Living When A Young Friend Commits Suicide:
Earl A. Grollman & Max Malikow, We answer questions you’re likely to ask after a friend has committed suicide. 

Earl A. Grollman, The classic guide to understanding and coping with suicide- now in an updated and expanded edition. 

Living When A Loved One Has Died:
Earl A. Grollman, To help you understand and work through your grief and to pick up the pieces of your unique and valuable life. 

Straight Talk About Death For Teenagers: 
Earl A. Grollman, How to cope with losing someone you love. 

Living With Loss, Healing With Hope:
Earl A. Grollman, This book is about the anguish of losing a loved one. It is about life, healing and finding a way through your grief. 

Caring And Coping When Your Loved One Is Seriously Ill:
Earl A. Grollman, The purpose of this book is to assist you in moving from helplessness to helpfulness; to help you cope with your own emotional upheaval; and better understand the needs of your loved one. 

Bereaved Children and Teens: 
Earl A. Grollman, A Support Guide For Parents and Professionals. 

Talking About Death:
Earl A. Grollman, This book is written with the hope that when death does occur, your child may be sympathetically guided toward an understanding of its real meaning. 

Widower; When Men are Left Behind:
Scott Campbell, Advise and suggestions for men who have lost their partner. This book is based on actual interviews and case studies of widowers.

Helping Teens Work Through Grief:
Mary Perschy, A book that facilitates group discussion for teens who have experienced loss. 

Breaking the Silence: 
Linda Goldmon, A guide to help children with the completed grief of suicide, homicide, AIDS, violence and abuse. 

How Do We Tell the Children:
Dav Scliaffer, A step by step guide for helping children and teens cope when someone dies. 

Healing Your Grieving Heart - 100 Practical Ideas
Alan D. Wolfelt, Compassionate advice and simple activities to help you through your loss. 

Understanding Grief - Helping Yourself Heal
Alan D. Wolfelt, A compassionate guide to coping with the death of someone loved.

The Perfect Stranger's Guide To Funerals and Grieving Practices

Stuart M. Matlins, A Guide to Etiquette in Other People's Religious Ceremonies 

»  Center for Loss & Transition 
A leading provider of information and inspiration in the areas of illness and dying, loss and grief, healthy caregiving, life transition, and spirituality. 

»  Growth House 
An international gateway to resources for life-threatening illness and end of life issues. Hypertext topic pages link to sites around the world. Links to hospice and home care, bereavement, death with dignity, AIDS, and related topics in life-threatening illness. 

»  GriefNet 
GriefNet is an Internet community of persons dealing with grief, death, and major loss. They have many email support groups. Their integrated approach to online grief support provides help to people working through loss and grief issues. 

»  National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization 

Committed to improving end of life care and expanding access to hospice care with the goal of profoundly enhancing quality of life for people dying in America and their loved ones.

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